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The Best Bruschetta


Story and photo by Andrew Hind

“Bruschetta is the signature Italian appetizer, and not only are they really tasty they’re easy to make and are extremely versatile,” enthuses Chef Andreas Drechsel, Sous-Chef at The Rosseau Resort. “Here at Teca we have a bruschetta platter that shows the various exciting forms bruschetta can take, but even that is just tiny sampling of what you can do on a basic premise.”

Any bread can be used for bruschetta, but baguettes are the easiest and most common. Cut the bread ¼ inch thick and on an angle so you have a bigger surface on which to place toppings. Drizzle olive oil on the bread, and rub on roasted garlic. Bake in the oven until each side is golden brown (“It will only take a few moments, so don’t walk away,” cautions Drechsel). For an authentic rustic taste, brown the bread on a grill…

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The Perfect Pizza

By Andrew Hind

There are numerous types of pizzas and toppings, but there are also some universal secrets to the perfect pizza.

1. Less is more. Keep it simple and focus on a few preferred toppings
2. Use fresh tomato sauce; it makes all the difference
3. Use fresh, homemade dough
4. Make sure the pizza has a frame around the edges, la cornice as it is called, because pizza is always eaten with your hands and a frame prevents your fingers from getting too messy
5. For a really authentic pizza, roll the dough as thin as possible. The toppings will then be the focus of the flavour, not the dough
6. Ideally, pizza should be baked in a wood-fired oven for the right flavour and texture
7. Ovens should be pre-heated to about 230-240 degrees Celsius
8. Oil the baking sheet with olive oil and lightly sprinkle with semolina flour

Sun-kissed Food

Photo by Andrew Hind

By Andrew Hind

Spring has arrived. The warmth of the sun, the gurgling of water cascading down streams, the pleasing melody of a bluebird first thing in the morning and the crystal blue sky above add a bounce to one’s step. It’s an invigorating, exciting time of year. Our appetites change with the seasons, and come spring we begin looking for foods with fresh ingredients, foods with more color and taste than what we’ve been eating all winter, perhaps something a bit more exciting to match the exuberance that naturally swells within us as days warm…

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