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The Spring Connection

I’m a lifelong camper, so working on the camp guide was a ton of fun for me. This is a picture of me with my grandparents, who founded Camp Koinonia back in 1949. I love how my grandpa and I are wearing matching Koinonia shirts.

Our lives are all about connections.

Whether it’s friends and family, neighbours, or the community, we thrive when we feel connected to those around us.

And it’s also important to feel connected to what we love. For some of us that’s art or nature, and for others it’s a spiritual affair. Whatever the case may be, our connections are what make us feel whole.

To me, spring is a time when we emerge from the sleepiness of winter, re-connecting with our environment and community. It’s when we start meeting our friends for evening walks, or begin practicing with outdoor sports teams again.

Spring Sideroads is all about connecting. We always focus on our communities and their amazing sense of spirit when it comes to banding together, but in this issue we’ve really stressed the importance of being connected to one another.

First there’s Napster; a cat that makes paintings with his tail and is connecting residents of Muskoka to people and charities all over the world. In fact, he’s helping Sideroads readers connect to the people of Japan by donating to the Red Cross.

And then there’s the blogger who connects his version of Muskoka to the online community; a group of dedicated theatre enthusiasts who form deep bonds with the town they love; and a story of Huntsville’s famous fires that connects us to the past.

The annual camp guide even fits in with our theme, reminding us of the fun and lifelong connections we make as children at summer camp. There’s nothing better than reuniting with your camp friends year after year.

There are always new connections to be made and old ones to rekindle, but some are unchanging – like our love for where we live. So read on, enjoy the sunny spring weather and connect to your Muskoka.