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Out on a Limb

Ben Sauve

Arborist Ben Sauve has turned his job of climbing trees into a competitive outlet by entering provincial and international climbing competitions. Photo courtesy of Pavey Tree.

By Alison Brownlee

Ben Sauve knows how to climb a tree.

The 29-year-old Huntsville resident proved it first to the province by becoming the 2009 Ontario Tree Climbing Champion, and then to the world by competing in the 2010 International Tree Climbing Competition in Chicago.

Born in Lavaltrie, Que., Sauve began climbing trees professionally in 2007 when he moved to Ontario and became an arborist. The International Arboriculture Society championship in Chicago was his third competition in as many years. Of the 39 competitors he was up against, including those from Austria, Sweden, France, Demark, Belgium and Italy, he placed 14th…

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