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Captain of the Lake of Bays

Captain of the Lake of Bays

After 10 years of boat tours, Captain Bruce still celebrates the lake. Photo courtesy of Lake of Bays Boat Tours.

By Sarah Ryeland

Seasons change. The history of our land evolves and faces fade from memory. As time marches on, it’s comforting to know that while some of us lose sight of our heritage, certain folks never will.

Bruce Jamieson, or “Captain Bruce” as he is affectionately known, is the owner/operator of Lake of Bays Boat Tours, now in its 10th season on the water. His three-hour tours are known for both the fun factor and the cool info he provides.

Thanks to his many friends and local contacts, Jamieson is a wealth of information and makes a living out of telling other people’s stories. But before you start to worry about what gossip he’s spreading; relax. He tells the tale of only one great lady: the Lake of Bays…

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