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The World According to Ed

Farmhouse and Barn

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One Muskoka blogger takes the web by storm

Story by Sarah Ryeland, Photos by Ed Boutilier

Muskokans often pride themselves on their ability to unplug and get away from it all. One of the main goals of cottagers and year-round residents is to come up here to disconnect, turning off mobile phones, stowing laptops and enjoying a tech-free world.

But for some of us, Muskoka inspires a different reaction.

For Ed Boutilier, coming up to his northern home is a chance for him to connect to the wilderness – and the Internet. An avid photographer, Boutilier shares his passion with followers of his blog,

Dubbing himself a “weekend warrior”, Boutilier sheds his nine-to-five businessman persona when he gets to Muskoka and takes to road to find inspiration for his art…

What’s Ed up to?