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Secrets of Windermere

Photo courtesy of Muskoka Lakes Museum

By Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva

“Seldom has our eye lit upon a lovelier scene, and never, to our mind, has Nature made a more effective use of her materials. Sky, and land, and water, here all combine to make a perfect picture, the effect of which, particularly when the woods are ablaze with the colouring of a Canadian autumn, is almost indescribable.”

That’s how George Munro described the scene upon arriving at Windermere in October of 1882.

The passage of 130 years has done little to dull the appeal. Whether you’re relaxing on a veranda, gazing out upon the gentle soothing waters of Lake Rosseau, or taking a stroll along a country road, surrounded by a painter’s palette of brilliant reds, oranges and yellows, October in Muskoka is still a time of unsurpassed beauty and surprising peacefulness…

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