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Haunted Muskoka

By Andrew Hind

Muskoka is a summer playground, where people enjoy frivolous afternoons on the countless pristine lakes, breathe fresh air, listen to the silence of the forests, and find solace in the hospitality of a resort or the comfort of one’s own vacation home. It’s one of Ontario’s most beloved regions.

There’s another side to Muskoka, however. A side rarely seen and at odds with its reputation as a place for carefree leisure and rustic beauty. There’s an underlying darkness that few talk about and fewer still witness. Ghost stories haunt cottage country’s dense forests, its deep lakes, and its quaint communities. They creep from shadow to shadow, existing out of sight of the frivolity that marks this land of cottages and resorts. The rocky landscape may have proved to be poor for raising crops, but it’s certainly fertile ground for haunting ghost stories…

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