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The Wailing Call


Loons are among the oldest species of bird in existence. Some believe they date back 50 million years. Photo by Cody Storm Cooper.

By Carlye Malchuk-Dash

As the sun sets on a lazy summer’s day, calm waters lap at the shoreline and the air begins to cool. As evening turns to night a familiar noise – both calming and haunting – takes over the bay.

It is the cry of the loon, one of the most easily recognized birds in our region, not only by sight but also by sound.

“When the loons start up it’s like magic,” says Robin Tapley, a local naturalist and expedition leader with a home on Lake of Bays.  “It’s peaceful, it’s serene, it’s Muskoka, it’s wild . . . It’s like going to a concert when the final band comes out.”

Loons are found throughout many parts of North America, but here they’ve become a symbol of the northern experience – a quick search on the internet brings up a plethora of sites advertising a getaway to the region where visitors can experience the distant call of the loon for themselves…

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