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Help Napster Help Japan

Purchase a copy of "Bird Bath" and donate to Japanese relief efforts

By Sarah Ryeland

Napster loves Sideroads of Muskoka and he also loves the people of Japan. That’s why this season he’s created a custom painting for Sideroads, dedicated to the people and pets affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

This painting is called Bird Bath, and was created on March 14 with the help of Nancy Tapley and Sarah Ryeland.

If you look closely, you’ll see a dark lake, with bluebirds splashing and playing in the water. Above the water, there are birds soaring into the sky, playfully diving and twirling.

To us, this painting represents hope and a fresh start. It reminds us of birds returning to Muskoka in the spring, rebuilding their nests and lives and strengthening bonds.

The people of Japan need our help to find hope and rebuild their homes and lives. If you’d like to help Napster help the people of Japan, you can purchase a copy of this painting with all proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross for Japanese relief efforts.

Cards and prints range in cost from $3 to $40, and you can even mix and match to get your favourite Napster pieces.

Contact Napster via email at, or visit his blog here.