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Photo By Jonathan Ryeland

One family’s adventure from Muskoka to Georgian Bay and back again

By Sarah Ryeland

For families that have lived or played in Muskoka for many years, the simple pleasures of the region are exactly what make it so appealing. Unwinding and enjoying nature are what you need to escape the daily grind. And while your tried and true activities are fun, sometimes a little adventure helps you enjoy beautiful Muskoka that much more.

For me, living in Muskoka is an adventure unto itself. Born and raised in the GTA, I did spend quite a bit of time up in the Parry Sound-Muskoka region with my family. I’d like to think I’m a pretty adventurous girl – I have, after all, travelled the world and used my lifelong Muskoka experiences to do things like live in a tent for three months in the various landscapes of New Zealand.

But there are still some things I haven’t tried. And now that I’m living in Muskoka, I figured I might as well have an experience that takes my city-girl status down a notch…

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