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Happy birthday, Sideroads!

Turning five is a big deal.

For most of us, it’s when we embark on one of the biggest adventures of our lives: school. We’re young and impressionable, soaking up information on a seemingly never-ending basis. We haven’t yet discovered our academic or artistic talents and there’s so much to take in, so much talent to uncover.

We face challenges and roadblocks, setbacks and major victories. We make lifelong friendships and start to gain independence as we step out into that great big schoolyard of life.

Here at Sideroads, we’re proud to celebrate our fifth birthday. Over the past half-decade we’ve met so many fantastic people and seen some incredible places. We’ve made new friends and said goodbye to treasured colleagues.

And just like all five year-olds, we’re still learning.

In this fifth anniversary issue of Sideroads, we celebrate learning and growth. From an automotive history lesson to a horsing around with self-discovery, a pilgrimage that tests the physical body to breaking down an artist’s creative process, we learn about the amazing people and opportunities Muskoka has to offer.

There’s nothing greater than feeling like you’ve got the whole world ahead of you, just waiting to be discovered. So join us in our quest to learn more, experience more and enjoy more of Muskoka. It’s your anniversary, too.

–       SR