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Alive and Bella

Photo by Mike McIntosh

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The bear cub formerly known as Dizzy Lizzy makes a miraculous recovery

By Sarah Ryeland

On Aug. 15, 2010, Mike McIntosh received a phone call he will never forget.

He and his coworkers at Bear With Us, a charity devoted to rehabilitating black bears and returning them to the wild, got word that a small bear cub had been hit by a car and was laying in a ditch on Highway 169 near Bala.

“It took us about two hours to get there,” says McIntosh, who was at Bear With Us in Sprucedale. “She wasn’t conscious and her breathing rate indicated that she was in shock. There was blood seeping from her ear.”

Mike gave the cub a sedative to ease the stress on her little body and transported her to the nearest veterinary office that was open on a Sunday. X-rays revealed that Bella, as she was now called, had a broken femur in her right rear leg…

What happened to Bella?