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Food Fit For a Prime Minister

Chef Rory Golden

Prepared by Deerhurst Resort executive chef Rory Golden and his staff, tender elk loin from Rainy River served on a Lindgren Pottery platter was the meat selection for the entree.

Story and photo by Gillian Brunette

If ordering, receiving and preparing all the food for the G8 Summit wasn’t stressful enough, a mock evacuation the night before the world leaders arrived proved to be the proverbial icing on the cake.

“A number of the executive staff had been asked to stand in for the leaders of each country for a mock evacuation. I was to be Italy (Silvio Berlusconi),” explained Deerhurst executive chef Rory Golden.

Golden was in his Deerhurst office when he was asked to go immediately to the 11th hole on the Lakeside golf course…

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