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Why I love Camp


Photo courtesy of Camp Wabikon

By Isabella Crysler, age 8

For me, camp is a fun and cool place where I get to be with friends of all ages from all around the world. I also like camp because of all the activities like arts & crafts (my favourite!), ropes and many others. You can work at getting levels at the activities and if you participate a lot you can get awards. Last summer I enjoyed the Tripping Challenge. I got to stern a canoe for the first time ever! I also got to carry the canoe a long way with the help of some friends. That was fun too. The biggest activity at camp is BIG DAY! It’s when everyone is separated into large teams for an all-camp theme day.  We do activity challenges and cheer-offs all day. The team that wins the most challenges wins the day! The other thing I like about camp is day trips by canoe to places like Blueberry Island and High Rock. That’s where we get to cook hot dogs on a campfire and eat…you guessed it, marshmallows and s’mores! Camp meals are good too. There is a salad bar and stuff for vegetarians. Sometimes they make pizza and lasagna and garlic bread! The last thing I love about camp is the friends I make. I plan on going to camp for a long time.



The Perfect Summer Job!

Photo courtesy of Camp Muskoka

By Sarah Ryeland

The best part about summer camp is, well, everything.

From the friends you make to the new adventures you have, nothing beats spending a summer at one of Muskoka’s many camps.

Often when you think of summer camp you think of young kids, some even leaving their parents for the first long-ish period of time. What you might not think of is the amazing job opportunity summer camps give older kids…

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Camp Food Done Right

Fun at Camp

Photo courtesy of Camp Tawingo

By Sarah Ryeland

When children go away to summer camp, parents always have questions and concerns. They want their children to be safe, happy and healthy, so they ask the right questions and do their camp research before sending the youngsters off.

But when kids arrive at camp they often have only three questions, says Tia Pearse: Where is the bathroom? Where do I sleep? And, where do I eat?

“Some camps don’t understand how important it is to have good food,” says Pearse, co-director of Camp Tawingo. “But mealtime is our biggest program – it’s actually what the kids do most.”

What are campers eating?