Welcome to Sideroads

Sideroads of Muskoka is a magazine and blog that introduces you to fascinating people and places. We show you that there’s more to your community than meets the eye, and feature the cool characters that make it unique. Whether it’s a local artist making waves, a town with a rich, untold history, or a time-honoured tradition that enriches lives, Sideroads gets to the heart of the community.

Muskoka, Ontario is a special place, with a community spirit like no other. In Sideroads, we celebrate this beautiful region and bring you stories that are sure to entertain, inform, and introduce you to the best Muskoka has to offer.

Check out our categories to the right and find the stories you’re looking for – and don’t forget to give us your feedback!

What’s your favourite part of Sideroads?


6 responses to “Welcome to Sideroads

  1. Congratulations on the beautiful new blog! Looking forward to more tales from Muskoka’s graveled and storied back roads.

  2. Great to be able to follow Sideroads on-line.

  3. Fabulous read and great articles too!

  4. Thanks for profiling Napster. He was over the moon, and the humans in his life were pretty darn pleased as well 🙂

  5. Guests and others to the Muskoka region may wish to look at my travel stories:
    1. “Muskoka: Cottage Country Canadian-style”
    2. “Zen and the Art of Muskoka Wooden Boats”
    3. “Norman Bethune: A Doctor Without Borders”

  6. Looking forward to exploring this blog and also looking very much forward to moving back to Muskoka,most likely bracebridge : )

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