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Ah, Winter…

That's me, with a friend to my right and sister-in-law to my left. We're getting ready to make snow angels - you're never too old for snow angels!

Ah, winter.
The chilly mornings and bulky winter gear, slushy sidewalks and stormy nights. Although we often complain about our harsh Canadian winters, the truth is that winter can be a wonderful time. Sometimes, we just have to adjust our view.
Winter, while it’s cold and blustery, tends to be the time we get closer to our friends and family. The holiday season helps with that, but so does the increased time we spend indoors. We share warm meals and drinks with friends, and cuddle up to our loved ones for a bit of extra comfort and warmth.
What winter does is change our landscape. Here in Muskoka our surroundings really do become different. We lose some of our friends for the season to city living or warmer climes, and with the leaves off the trees we might even be able to see the lake from our cozy living rooms.
And playing outside also changes. Instead of soaking up the sun on our decks or boats, we bundle up until only our noses and eyes are peeking through the seasonal armour. But once we get out on that snowmobile, those skis or snowshoes, we know it’s all worth it.
Sure, road closures and power outages can be a pain, but when we see a snow day as an opportunity for fun, the tables are turned and old man winter becomes more of a friend than a foe.
In this winter edition of Sideroads, we’ve got stories that will help you bear with winter and maybe even enjoy it a little more, too. Famous Muskoka storms can’t slow us down when we’ve got a little fishing to do, and winter trails aren’t just for power sports this year.
You’ll meet the rescued puppies that teach us that for some, winter survival can be an impossible task without a little help. You’ll also meet the unique healers and artists that make Muskoka so special.
At the end of the day, whether it’s winter or summer, Muskoka’s landscape is what we make it. It’s the people living in it and the gorgeous white stuff that covers the ground that reminds us to be thankful for our warm homes and close friends.
So curl up, get cozy and read on. Enjoy your winter – and your winter Sideroads.

– SR