Beneath the surface

Our world really shifts when winter rolls around. A fluffy layer of white covers all that we see and we don thicker, warmer clothing to keep us cosy and warm. The landscape changes with the weather patterns, keeping us on our toes whether we’re heading out to play, or braving the roads for some winter driving.

But what’s beneath the surface doesn’t really change – it’s just frozen for awhile, waiting to be rediscovered when the time is right.

In this winter’s Sideroads, we remember what lies just beneath the surface. Sometimes it’s a forgotten history – one like the tale of the Bondi Bay Vikings – that you have to choose to believe. And other times it’s the discovery of what we thought was lost – like the warplane at the bottom of Lake Muskoka – but has been found, solving a mystery more than half a century old.

We’ve got the story of an abandoned inn, behind whose resurrected walls an intellectual community is being fostered. A tale of an artist whose talent was buried beneath years of challenge and hardship, only to be reborn as one of Almaguin’s star painters.

One of the great pleasures I get out of winter is how it completely reinvents our landscape. It always surprises us with its beauty and power and we can never really predict what tomorrow’s going to look like. In the following pages, read about the surprises and discoveries your fellow Muskokans have made, and feel inspired.

Rediscover your Muskoka this winter. And most of all, enjoy your winter Sideroads.



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